The Kansas City Junior Roller Warriors – Game 1

Last night at Winnwood Skate Center, the Kansas City Junior Roller Warriors held Game 1 of their 2015 season, and let me tell you, these ladies can flat bring it. Level 2 competition encompasses ages 10 to 17, and Game 1 between home teams Starry Fright and Rolling Thunder did not disappoint.

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It was exactly the kind of game you come to see. Although the focus at Level 2 is more about positional blocking and less about actual hitting on the track, that didn’t stop these two young teams from giving the audience at Winnwood a heck of a show. The lead changed hands several times, particularly in the second half, and never seemed to exceed a handful of points until much later in the game, when Starry Fright extended their lead and held onto it until the final whistle. The level of intense physical competition at this age was something we were unprepared for, and if we weren’t excited enough about the future of one of the finest roller derby leagues in Kansas City, these Junior Roller Warriors have really given us something to look forward to.

As the Juniors program continues to grow and succeed, we’re beginning to see more and more Juniors graduate and get drafted to the KCRW house teams (JessiKaboom of the Knockouts immediately comes to mind). We’ll be following these ladies’ derby careers with great interest as the seasons roll on, and KC Derby Digest will be there to bring you all the action and photos from these fantastic events.

Congratulations to Starry Fright for bringing home a 207-176 win over a Rolling Thunder team that just wouldn’t stay down. We’d also like to extend particular congratulations to Apocalypstic and Blink Blink of Starry Fright, as well as iScarly and Hannibalistic of Rolling Thunder, for earning the MVP Jammer and Blocker awards, respectively.

MVP Jammers and Blockers for the Junior Roller Warriors.

The Kansas City Junior Roller Warriors‘ next bout is at Winnwood on July 27, and we can’t wait to see these ladies back in action. We’ll keep you posted as the day draws near. Many thanks to these Junior Roller Warriors for putting on a phenomenal game at Winnwood this week!

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