The Rules

1. We do our best to promote and cover all roller derby in Kansas City, but even at that, we cannot be in two places at once. When two leagues play on the same night, we will have to make a choice of whose bout to shoot, and we will always take into consideration factors such as season openers, championship games, and whether or not we’ve already missed a particular league’s bout that season.

2. We won’t report extensively on player injuries or ejections. Even though these things often occur in view of the public, they’re usually considered private issues for the player(s) in question, and we will respect that.

3. Likewise, we do not shoot (photograph) when a player goes down during a bout. Most players don’t usually mind, but we are not comfortable taking pictures of players in vulnerable positions when injuries are imminent. If a player goes down during a bout, we will take a knee with the rest of the league. Other photographers may decide to shoot during an injury time-out, and we pass no judgment on them for the way they conduct their business.

4. Smugmug is the official home of our photo albums, and we occasionally publish samples on our Facebook page as well. As a rule, we do not tag players in our Facebook photos out of respect for their personal privacy. Players and league members are free to tag themselves and each other at any time.

5. We will remove a photo at the request of a player or league. Very seldom, we do get requests from players who consider a particular photograph to be too revealing or risque, and we never want anyone to feel uncomfortable with our work.

6. In general, we don’t charge for our photography. We reserve the right to change that policy at any time, but for now, everything we publish exists for the sole purpose of furthering the public’s interest and enjoyment of the sport of roller derby in Kansas City.

7. Please give appropriate photo credit if you share our images on social media (“photo by KC Derby Digest”), and please do not crop, edit, or filter our photos in any way.

8. Under no circumstances should our photos or images be used in promotions or on merchandise without our authorization. Just get permission. We’re usually pretty benevolent about that.

All that's fit to digest from the world of Kansas City roller derby!

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