Our Mission

KC Derby Digest endeavors to paint the sport of roller derby in Kansas City in the brightest colors possible for the widest audience we can reach. Let’s face it, after seven seasons on the job, we still meet people every day who say they had no idea roller derby existed in Kansas City. Our goal is to change that — one person at a time if need be.

We don’t traffic in rumors, we stay out of intra-league drama, and our only speculation comes at the end of the season when house championships are up for grabs.

We confirm our published information in advance with our league contacts, and we will never attempt to “scoop” a league with breaking news or publish any announcements that have not been either expressly authorized for publication or already announced by the league in question.

League members often whisper advance, confidential, unofficial, or privileged information in our ear well before it’s been authorized for release to the public. We will not disseminate this information to anyone outside the league under any circumstances. If we’re not explicitly on the record, then we’re not on the record at all.

KC Derby Digest is not officially affiliated with any particular league. We are an independent entity serving Kansas City roller derby fans all over the area. As such, we also cannot serve as a point of contact for any league.

All that's fit to digest from the world of Kansas City roller derby!

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