About Us

KC Derby Digest was founded in October 2011 by Kansas City native KC Carr. The day he realized roller derby was the greatest sport in the world but never, ever got any mainstream news coverage, he set out to change that.

We endeavor to cover all roller derby in Kansas City — period. Whether it’s men’s or women’s, junior leagues, coed, flat track, or banked track, if it’s roller derby in Kansas City, it’s on our radar.

When we first began in 2011, Kansas City was home to no fewer than seven leagues of various kinds. That number has unfortunately dwindled some — the Cowtown Butchers, the Blacksnake Rollergirls, the Missouri River Rollers, and the Kansas City Banked Beauties have all officially dissolved since then. Presently, the roller derby scene in Kansas City consists of two women’s flat track leagues (which boast coed teams as well) and a Juniors league for skaters ages 10-17.

All that's fit to digest from the world of Kansas City roller derby!

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