The Leagues

The Kansas City Roller Warriors
Founded in 2004, this WFTDA flat track league won the national championship in 2007 and has traditionally been one of the most dreaded travel teams in all of women’s roller derby.

They practice and play at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas. Their four house teams are the Dreadnought Dorothys, the Victory Vixens, the Black Eye Susans, and the Knockouts. In 2018, they launched a coed team known as the 7th Street Brigade.

Fountain City Roller Derby
Founded in 2010 as Dead Girl Derby, this MADE flat track league won the ladies’ national championship and the coed national championship in 2015. Currently, they make their home at B&D Skate Center in Independence. FCRD currently boasts over 200 members with their ladies’ division, coed, and Zombie league division combined, making them the largest flat track roller derby league in Kansas City.

Fountain City’s house teams are the Shotgun Sheilas, the Royal Pains, the Lovely Lethals, and the Deadly Sirens. Coed teams include the Usual Suspects, the Public Enemies, the Untouchables, and the Regulators. The Zombie league teams are Black Plague and Gang Green.

The Kansas City Junior Roller Warriors
These little ladies ages 10-17 play under the JRDA rule set and are trained by some of the best talent the Kansas City Roller Warriors have to offer.

Previously, the Junior Roller Warriors’ house teams were Starry Fright, Rolling Thunder, Sonic Boom, and the Wicked Twisters. Nowadays, the teams are distinguished simply by their black or white jerseys.

All that's fit to digest from the world of Kansas City roller derby!

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