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Featured Skater — April 2022

KC Derby Digest’s Featured Skater for the month of April is Triple Threat of The Royal Pains!

Name: Triple Threat
Teams: The Royal Pains, The Untouchables
Number: 2-13
Positions: jammer, blocker, pivot
Seasons with FCRD: 3

How did you originally come to be involved with Fountain City?

“I was at a family night open skate at Landmark skate center, where Devil Doll and Frisky Business were there working on skills. So I, an outgoing 16-year-old, started talking to them. That then led to them inviting me to a private Lovely Lethals practice, and I was hooked from there!”

Tell us the origin of your derby name.

“I was sitting with my grandma one day talking about derby, and I had mentioned that I hadn’t thought of a name yet. I told her that I didn’t really know what I wanted to be called. I had a small list at the time, but I didn’t love any of them. Somehow she came up with Triple Threat. It was not until later that I understood that it had another meaning in derby.”

Roller derby changes every life it touches. How has it changed yours?

“We play for fun, but in return, it gives us so much more than we could ever think of—leadership, sportsmanship, and even how to react when you lose a game. Everybody says that failure is more important than success. I’ve learned that whenever I face failure, it just lights a fire inside me to improve and do better next time.”

What sets you apart in roller derby?

“I would have to say my willingness to help and teach others! Some people will say it’s my arrogance that sets me apart, but really I just get very competitive. In the end, I am really just here to have fun. Winning is just a bonus.”

What makes Triple Threat tick? What keeps you going in this crazy love we call roller derby?

“What keeps me going is trying to help my team and league-mates not give up and show them that, while sometimes the work is hard, it’s not as hard when you have a friend to help get you through it.”

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Fountain City — Game 3

This Saturday night at B&D Skate Center, Fountain City Roller Derby takes the track for Game 3 of its already phenomenal 2022 season.

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The Lovely Lethals and Deadly Sirens kick off the evening’s action, followed by the Shotgun Sheilas and the Royal Pains in the finale.

Doors open at B&D at 6:00 p.m., and the first whistle blows at 6:30 sharp. Adults 18 and over are $15 each, and everyone 17 and under accompanied by a parent or guardian is admitted free of charge.

Join us trackside as Fountain City blows the roof off the place again in another action-packed night of flat-track fun!

The Fountain City Roller Derby 2022 Season

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This weekend, Kansas City roller derby fans, is what we’ve all been waiting for — the return of roller derby after a long, long delay.

Saturday night, February 26, Fountain City Roller Derby kicks off the 2022 season with their first scheduled bout in more than two years. As always, B&D Skate Center is the place. Doors open at 6:00 p.m., and the first whistle is promptly at 6:30.

Ushering in the return to the flat track are two match-ups featuring perennial, old-school rivals from way back in the day when the league was still called Dead Girl Derby.

To begin, multi-year FCRD champions the Shotgun Sheilas face off against the Deadly Sirens in a rematch of the 2019 championship bout that saw the Sheilas add another trophy to their collection. The Sirens will no doubt be back hungrier than ever, as they remain the only team in Fountain City to have never taken home the championship.

Later, the Royal Pains and the Lovely Lethals square off in their season opener to add another chapter to a very long history of epic battles between these two indomitable squads. The league simply couldn’t have chosen a better way to bring us back to the sport of roller derby than this weekend’s event.

Masks are mandatory at B&D this Saturday night. Admission for adults 18 and over is $15 each, and anyone 17 and under enters free when accompanied by an adult guardian.

As always, KC Derby Digest will be there covering all the action. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Smugmug, our official photo album.

We simply can’t wait to see you all trackside as Fountain City kicks off the 2022 season!

Featured Skater – December 2019


Our Featured Skater for the month of December is
Mel Malice of the Kansas City Roller Warriors,
also known as Pearl Jam of Fountain City Roller Derby!

Name: Mel Malice / Pearl Jam
Team: Dreadnought Dorothys, Shotgun Sheilas
Number: 318
Position: Jammer, occasional pivot and blocker
Seasons with KCRW: 4
Seasons with FCRD: 1

How did you originally get involved with roller derby in Kansas City?

“[At work], I was trained for my initial role by a super bad-ass lady by the name of Brenda Peters. She had skated for the Knockouts for many seasons and told me about roller derby. I went to one of the games, screamed my head off cheering, and decided in about 10 seconds that I had to do this sport. Within two weeks, I bought a starter set of gear and signed up for the very next Warriors in Training. It was love at first sight.”


Tell us the origins of your derby names.

“An old high school friend used to call MelMal, which is a nickname born from combining the first three letters of my first and last name at the time. It stuck for a decade, so when I joined derby, I wanted my name to be a nod to it. Mel Malice was born!

When I joined FCRD, I needed to choose a different name. So I took my middle name, Pearl, and the position I most often play, a jammer, and a good music band to make Pearl Jam my name over in that league! It works very well for when I have to go to the box. I hear my middle name and I know I’m in trouble!!”


Roller derby changes every life it touches. How has it changed yours?

“It taught me how to take my space in life, how to be unapologetic. In life, you will come across tough walls. You can either quit or move mountains — your choice. Success takes work, and falling is necessary, so get used to picking yourself up. But know that nothing is truly done alone, and that your chosen family will be there for you. Roller derby is a family.”


What sets you apart in roller derby?

“I joke that I shit rainbows, but I honestly think my attitude does. I laugh at my own failures, and I come to practice hungry. I want to lift up the women around me, and love getting beat to heck by them.”


What makes Mel Malice/Pearl Jam tick? At the end of the day, what keeps you going in this crazy love we call roller derby?

“Nothing makes me more angry than watching people give up, either on themselves, on each other, or on the hard work it takes to compete. But the thing that keeps me going is how much love and encouragement we have for each other. My journey and someone else’s are going to be different, but I love watching my teammates and leaguemates do amazing things. And winning.”


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KCRW hosts Game 2 this Saturday night

Time to get on the stick again, derby fans. This Saturday night, the Kansas City Roller Warriors return to Memorial Hall for Game 2 of their 2019-2020 season.

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The 2019 Rink of Fire champions, the Victory Vixens, take on a resurgent Dreadnought Dorothys squad that’s clearly hungry for a championship run in the new season. Later, the Black Eye Susans face off against a Knockouts team that was upset in last year’s Rink of Fire and is looking to start the year strong.

This kind of early-season action is the stuff roller derby dreams are made of, so get there early and don’t miss a moment!

Doors open at Memorial Hall at 5:00 Saturday evening. The first bout begins at 6:00. As always, adult tickets are $15 at the door, and kids ages 6-12 are $10 each. Twelve-ounce beers will be available for $2 until 6:00, and the beneficiary of this month’s 50/50 raffle is the KC Anti-Violence Project.

Join us at Memorial Hall Saturday night for Game 2 of KCRW’s 15th season of derby madness, fans! We’ll see you there!

The Capital City Crushers

Derby fans, do we have some news for you!

This coming season, in 2020, we will be joining the Capital City Crushers of Topeka for all their home bouts and events!

We’ll be shooting and reporting on their games (schedule and weather permitting), just like we do for KCRW and Fountain City, and we’ll be including them in Featured Skater articles, our monthly player profiles that get you, the derby fan, up close and personal with some of the best players in the area.

Capital City will be announcing their 2020 schedule soon, and we’ll let you know the moment they do.


You might be thinking, wait. Isn’t this “KC” Derby Digest? Topeka isn’t exactly KC, is it?

Well, neither is St. Joseph, Atchison, or Kirksville, but that didn’t stop us from covering the action when the Blacksnake Rollergirls, the Missouri River Rollers, or the NEMO ViQueens took the track, did it?

And that’s another thing — we’re going to be branching out in the coming seasons. New year, new decade, new KC Derby Digest, am I right? We’re going to be bringing you more flat track action, covering more events, and hopefully even traveling and covering some tournaments in the region, whenever possible.

The roller derby leagues in Kansas City and beyond continue to up their respective games, and we’d be doing them (and you, the fans) a disservice if we didn’t do the same. So buckle up — as we head into our ninth season covering The Greatest Sport in the World, things are only getting better. We hope you’ll join us.