Game Photos: 2013 Charity Bouts

Last weekend’s charity bouts at Hale Arena hosted by Dead Girl Derby were more fun than any derby fan has a right to, but how could it have gone any other way? The fun began with a co-ed mash-up bout and ended with the Kansas City Roller Warriors Plan B taking on Dead Girl Derby in a 50/50 bout in which the first half was played by the M.A.D.E. rule set and the second half featured WFTDA rules.

We’d certainly never seen anything like it before, and we’re guessing the rest of Kansas City hadn’t, either. The whole thing was one big fundraiser for Hillcrest Transitional Housing that brought in something like $1700, exactly 100% of which went to its intended charitable recipient.

Of course, we have the photos.

Click for the full album.

Special thanks to the band Seventh Day for another awesome performance at this year’s charity bouts, and thanks again to Dead Girl Derby, the Cowtown Butchers, and KCRW Plan B for their participation in a truly unique event.

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