The Kansas City Banked Beauties

The Kansas City area hasn’t held a banked track roller derby game in something like 40 years. When professional roller derby was at its peak back in the day, banked track leagues ruled the sport, although today, there are only a handful in existence as flat track leagues overwhelmingly dominate the derby landscape.

Tonight, that all changes for Kansas City.

The Kansas City Banked Beauties hold their first game tonight at the KC Sports Lodge in Independence, Missouri, and they’re taking on the Oklahoma City Outlaws for banked track supremacy.

Get your tickets from Brown Paper Tickets by clicking the Banked Beauties logo above, and come out to the KC Sports Lodge tonight for what is sure to be a memorable return to our roller derby roots. Doors open at 6:00 — get there as early as you can!

Let's hear it!

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