The 2012 KCRW Rosters

Many thanks to our friend Bubonic Peg of the Kansas City Roller Warriors for taking the time to answer our e-mail inquiries regarding next season’s home rosters. It had been brought to our attention that many ch-ch-ch-changes were on the way in 2012, and keeping in mind the many retirement rumors making the rounds online these past few weeks, we here at KCDD thought it prudent to investigate this developing story at our earliest opportunity.

In related news, the structural formula for Xanax is publicly available online courtesy of our friends at Pfizer, Inc. right here.

So here’s what let’s do.

Instead of one enormous, mind-numbing entry detailing the team rosters, transfers, rookies, and retirees, we’re going to split them up into four separate entries to be posted individually as the day goes on. Stay tuned to KC Derby Digest as we bring you our take on how these teams will likely stack up in the upcoming season, as well as a look at how all these changes might affect our standings from a national perspective.

See you soon. :)

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