Fountain City Roller Derby 2017 Ladies Division Championships

This Saturday night, the Ladies Division of Fountain City Roller Derby will hold its annual championship bout, and as it always is, it’s going to be one for the books.

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Going into championships this year, it seems we have a very neat, orderly win-loss breakdown:

Royal Pains 3-0
Shotgun Sheilas 2-1
Deadly Sirens 1-2
Lovely Lethals 0-3

Things in this league aren’t usually so tidy. The undefeated Royal Pains will be vying for another FCRD championship trophy, and they’ll be taking on the Shotgun Sheilas — also making their umpteenth championship appearance — whose only loss this season came at the hands of the Pains back in January. And any suggestion that the undefeated team is automatically the clear-cut favorite doesn’t take into account things like… you know, the Shotgun Sheilas.

And while it’s true the Pains scored a solid 68-42 win over the Sheilas in their only contest this season, it’s unlikely this weekend’s championship game is going to be as cut and dried as this year’s win-loss totals.

In other league news, the Lovely Lethals have struggled through 2017 with an 0-3 record, but it’s certainly not due to a lack of fire (see what I did there?). And the Deadly Sirens‘ 1-2 record in no way reflects the strides this incredible squad has made since last season. These two impressive, talented teams will face off in Saturday night’s annual grudge match right before the championship game, so get there early and don’t miss a moment of this weekend’s action.

Don’t kid yourself — Fountain City’s season isn’t over after Saturday night. This summer will be full of Zombie and Coed League action at B&D, so stay tuned to KC Derby Digest here on the web site and on social media, and we’ll keep you up to date on all the upcoming flat track action this amazing league brings as the year goes on.

We will see you Saturday night at B&D Skate Center for the Fountain City Roller Derby Ladies Division Championships!

Kansas City Roller Warriors Bout 6

This Saturday night, the Kansas City Roller Warriors will host Bout 6 of the 2017 season at Memorial Hall, and I know we keep saying this, but you really won’t want to miss this one.

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It’s Girl Scout night at the derbs, and special guest attendees this weekend will include the Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri. The Girl Scouts joined the Roller Warriors at a bout last season as well, and we’re thrilled to hear they’ll be trackside again this year.

Doors open at 5:00 p.m., and the games begin at 6:00. The surging Black Eye Susans will take on the Knockouts to begin the evening’s festivities, followed by the still-undefeated Dreadnought Dorothys facing off against the Victory Vixens. And if you stick around long enough, there may even be a treat afterwards.

Adult tickets are $15 at the door. Kids ages 6-12 are $9, and wee ones 5 and under are admitted free.

Join the Kansas City Roller Warriors this Saturday night for Bout 6! Do not miss it!

Missouri River Rollers – Game 2

Get ready for some serious flat track action this Saturday night in Atchison, Kansas, because the Missouri River Rollers are back at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall, and you’re not going to want to miss it.

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The MRRs are riding a wave of enthusiasm after last month’s soaring win over the Benton County Derby Dames in a debut bout that can only be described as phenomenally successful. This Saturday night, they hope to have a repeat performance as they take on the formidable Franklin County Fury in a prom-themed event they’re calling A Night to Remember.

Adult tickets are only $7 at the door. Students ages 13-17 are $5, and kiddos 12 and under are admitted free. College students with a valid student ID can get buy one/get one adult tickets at the door as well. Military servicemen and women will receive the student rate (please show military ID, and thank you always for your service).

Doors open at 6:00 p.m., and the fun begins at 7:00.

If you’ve never seen modern-day flat track roller derby in all its splendor, this is the perfect opportunity! We hope to see everyone at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall in Atchison this Saturday night!

April Derby Dates and Conflicts

April’s derby schedule is flat insane. There is a bout night every Saturday next month except one, and there’s also a Friday thrown in for good measure.

Can you handle it?

Luckily, there’s only one conflict in April, and frankly, the conflicting leagues more or less serve different audiences. Still, preparedness.

Saturday, April 1
Kansas City Roller Warriors Bout 5
Memorial Hall, KCK
5:00 p.m. doors, 6:00 p.m. first whistle
Victory Vixens vs. Black Eye Susans
Dreadnought Dorothys vs. Knockouts
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Friday, April 14
Kansas City Roller Warriors host the Omaha Rollergirls
Memorial Hall, KCK
KCRW Plan B vs. Omaha B Team
KCRW vs. Omaha Rollergirls
6:30 p.m. first whistle
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Saturday, April 15
Kansas City Roller Warriors host the Omaha Rollergirls and the Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Memorial Hall, KCK
11:00 a.m.: Omaha B Team vs. OKVD B Team
1:00 p.m.: OKVD vs. Omaha Rollergirls
4:00 p.m.: KCRW Plan B vs. OKVD B Team
6:00 p.m.: KCRW All Stars vs. OKVD
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Saturday, April 22
Kansas City Roller Warriors Bout 6 — Girl Scout Night
Memorial Hall, KCK
Black Eye Susans vs. Knockouts
Dreadnought Dorothys vs. Victory Vixens
5:00 p.m. doors, 6:00 p.m. first whistle
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Saturday, April 22
Missouri River Rollers host the Franklin County Fury
Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall, Atchison KS
6:00 p.m. doors, 7:00 p.m. first whistle
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Saturday, April 29
Fountain City Roller Derby Ladies Division Championships
B&D Skate Center, Independence
Lovely Lethals vs. Deadly Sirens (third place bout)
Royal Pains vs. Shotgun Sheilas (championship bout)
6:00 p.m. doors, 6:30 p.m. first whistle
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Do you believe me now? I can’t recall a single month in recent memory with this much going on, and that’s not a complaint. Mark your calendars and get your tickets online when you can — ticket information should be posted on the Facebook event pages by now. Join us for all the derby madness in Kansas City in April!

Roll on, Kansas City!

Featured Skater – March 2017

Our Featured Skater for the month of March is
Xcelerator of the Kansas City Roller Warriors!

Name: Xcelerator
Team: Black Eye Susans, All Stars
Number: 34
Position: Jammer, Blocker, Pivot
Seasons with KCRW: 6

You played for KCRW for several years, retired, and came back. In that time, how has the league changed?

“Oh my gosh, changes? Yes… so many changes from 2006 to 2017! To name a few, we now have a Board of Directors, which previously we only had two co-directors that managed the league, and at the time, we were maxed out at 80 skaters. I can’t imagine the stress they endured! As time has passed, I don’t feel as if we are as “serious” as we use to be. I don’t really know the best way to explain it, but we just aren’t as serious as we use to be. On the other hand we just don’t know how to party like we use to! KC was known for not only winning their games but also winning the after party….we’ve gotten soft in our older years! (wink)”

Longtime veterans like you are often role models for younger players. Where do you get YOUR inspiration?

“Oh boy, that’s hard. When I came out of retirement in 2013, there were only a handful of skaters left from my original days, and I found a lot of inspiration in them (Annie Maul and Bruz Her, mainly). With this being my final season, I’m finding a lot of inspiration in knowing this is it for me, that I have just a few final moments to finish out my derby career, and I want to go out without any regrets, knowing I’ve given it my all, played my hardest and pushed myself to be the best I can be at my old, washed up age!”

Any memorable injuries over the years?

“Fortunately no, knock on wood! I’d like to keep it that way!”

Favorite derby memory?

“Easy — winning Champs in 2007 with my amazing teammates and coaches! It was one of, if not, my proudest moments as an athlete!”

Roller derby changes every life it touches. How has it changed yours?

“Roller derby has given me a voice, it has provided me a confidence and an internal strength that I don’t think I had prior. It’s given me so many wonderful friends… some that I will have for life! It’s given me wonderful and life-changing memories. I will never forget my time as a Roller Warrior! I will be forever grateful for my time here and all that roller derby has given me! I’m excited to finish my final season off strong, hopefully with a Warder Cup win and helping the All Stars move back up in rankings, but I’m also very excited about my post-derby life — to spend more time with my family, devote more to my business, and maybe even take on a new venture. It’s been a hell of a ride, and I’ll undoubtedly miss all of you! To all my retired teammates: save me a seat in the club — I’ll see you soon!”

To see more of Xcelerator and all of the Kansas City Roller Warriors in action, visit our photo albums on Smugmug, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram.

Fountain City Roller Derby – Game 3

This Saturday night, the Ladies Division of Fountain City Roller Derby rolls into B&D Skate Center once again for Game 3 of their 2017 season.

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Doors open at B&D at 6:00, and the games begin at 6:30. Adult tickets at the door are $12, and kiddos 12 and under are admitted free.

The Lovely Lethals will take on the Shotgun Sheilas to kick things off, and the surging Deadly Sirens will face perennial powerhouses The Royal Pains in the second game of the evening. Both of these contests are guaranteed crowd-pleasers no matter who comes out on top, so make plans to catch these ladies Saturday night as they burn up the flat track!

KCRW Bout 4 Results and Photos

It’s getting harder and harder all the time to deny that what’s unfolding in front of us is one of the most dramatic and insanely interesting seasons of roller derby the Kansas City Roller Warriors have had in quite some time. Some years, if you knew the teams, you knew who was going to win as soon as bouts were announced. Others, it was a little murkier than that.

But so far, 2017 has proven to be one of the most wildly unpredictable seasons in recent memory, and particularly where the fans are concerned, that can only be a good thing.

KCRW hosted Bout 4 two Saturdays ago on the 11th, and I think it’s safe to say that no one could have predicted how that was going to go. The first game of the evening featured a back-and-forth contest between the Black Eye Susans and the Dreadnought Dorothys that had fans on the edges of seats before the first half was even over. These two teams slugged it out and traded the lead no telling how many times, and although the Susans led the Dorothys 107-88 at halftime, it was the Ruby Reds who roared back and maintained their undefeated record, taking down the Black & Yellow by a final score of 213-188. That’s a difference of only 25 points, and well within striking distance for any team, provided there’s still time on the clock. Like I said, it’s an unpredictable season.

Photos are here.

Click for the Dorothys/Susans photo album.

Immediately following was probably one of the most unexpected events of the season. The Knockouts, winless in 2016 and winless thus far in ’17, demolished the Victory Vixens from the first whistle to the last. If memory serves, the Red, White, and Blue never held the lead during this bout, and the Glitter Mafia’s lead only widened as the night went on, going from a 126-70 lead at halftime to a final score of 272-169 — a difference of 103 points, and probably the most decisive victory we’ve seen so far this season [citation needed].

Taking nothing away from the Vixens’ enormous talent and fortitude, this Knockouts squad celebrated a hard-earned and well-deserved victory, and hopefully one that turns the season around for them. With this win, no team in KCRW is out of the running for a Rink of Fire championship appearance at this time.

Photos, of course, are here.

Click for the Knockouts/Vixens photo album.

Current Standings:

Dreadnought Dorothys: 4-0
Black Eye Susans: 2-2
Victory Vixens: 1-3
Knockouts: 1-3

This Saturday night, the Kansas City Roller Warriors All Stars and Plan B teams take the track again as they face the visiting Chicago Outfit. Doors open at Memorial Hall at 5:00 p.m., and the fun begins promptly at 6:00.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kiddos ages 12 and under. Click here for the Facebook event page, and make plans to support your Wolfpack at Memorial Hall this Saturday night!