KCRW Home Opener – Results

This past weekend, the Kansas City Roller Warriors lit the fuse on their 2018 season at Memorial Hall in KCK, and what a night it was. The crowd was phenomenal, the competition was better than the final scores reflect, and this outstanding league has given us plenty to look forward to in the new year.

The first bout of the night featured the Dreadnought Dorothys, who went undefeated last year right up until the Rink of Fire, taking on the always-formidable Victory Vixens — and it was just like the days of old when the red, white, and blue were the only ones capable of putting up a fight against the Ruby Reds.

Drop the house!

And was it ever a fight throughout. The scrappy Vixens took it to the Dorothys every step of the way, but couldn’t keep up with the Dorothys’ defense, which held them to only 47 points in the first half. The All-Americans trailed by 102 at halftime and eventually dropped the game by a final score of 232-120, taking them to 0-1 on the season, while the Dorothys notched a win to bring them to 1-0.

The second bout of the night featured one of the perennial rivalries in KCRW, the Black Eye Susans and the Knockouts. The BES are, of course, coming off their 2017 Rink of Fire championship win after only going 3-3 on the season, and the Knockouts are looking to rebound after a 2-4 season that frankly left something to be desired.

Not this year.

Well, the KOs have delivered on that ambition in spades thus far. They pulled ahead of the Black & Yellow 67-28 less than halfway through the first period and wound up outscoring them more than 2-1 by the time it was all over, final score 283-141. Although the Susans looked ferocious in their 2018 debut (with a slew of promising new faces and a couple of returning legends), the Knockouts’ explosive offense proved to be a little too much on this occasion, and the BES fell to 0-1 on the season.

Current Standings

After this season’s inaugural bout, we have two undefeated teams and two thus-far winless teams:

Dreadnought Dorothys: 1-0
Knockouts: 1-0
Black Eye Susans: 0-1
Victory Vixens: 0-1

KCRW’s next bout is January 20th, so mark your calendars and be sure to join us as the 2018 season continues.


The KCRW 2018 Home Opener

Roller derby fans, the wait is almost over. This Saturday night at Memorial Hall in KCK, the Kansas City Roller Warriors kick off their 13th season of flat track mayhem, and you won’t want to miss it.

Click for the Facebook event page.

Doors open Saturday night at 5:00 p.m., and the games begin at 6:00.

The evening begins with the Dreadnought Dorothys, who went undefeated in ’17 until their stunning loss in the Rink of Fire, taking on a Victory Vixens team looking to up their game this time around after going only 1-5 last year. There are a number of new faces on the track this season, and that’s always exciting for the fans, but it also signals a slew of new possibilities for the teams on the track. We can’t wait to see how this one shakes out this weekend.

The second game of the night features the 2017 Rink of Fire champions, the Black Eye Susans, taking on their traditional house rivals, the Knockouts, who are also looking to ramp things up in ’18 after a 2-4 season last year. Keeping in mind that BES only boasted a 3-3 record going into last year’s championship bout, this one also looks to be a bit of a nailbiter, new faces notwithstanding. Bottom line, get there early and get a good seat, because this Saturday night is going to be nuts.

Adult tickets are $15 at the door — certainly the best value of any sports league in Kansas City, professional or otherwise. Kids ages 6-12 are $10, and chickadees 5 and under are admitted free, as always.

Whatever else you do in 2018, do not miss the 13th season of the Kansas City Roller Warriors!

The Fountain City Roller Derby 2018 Home Schedule

The new year is always an exciting time in the world of Kansas City roller derby, and 2018 promises no less. Fountain City Roller Derby’s ninth season kicks off in late January and stretches all the way to late September.


For clarity’s sake, and if the graphic is a bit to small (particularly on mobile devices), Fountain City’s dates are:

Women’s: Jan 27, Mar 31, Jun 30
Coed and Rec: Feb 24, Apr 28, Jul 28
Championship Series: Aug 25, Sept 29

Of course, we’ll have much more information about these events has they draw nearer. All games are held at B&D Skate Center in Independence, and all game times are 6:00 p.m.

The best news of all? There’s not a single conflict with this year’s KCRW schedule.

Join us for Fountain City Roller Derby‘s ninth season of flat track excellence at B&D! We will see you there!

The Kansas City Roller Warriors 2018 Home Schedule

Many of the derby leagues we follow in Kansas City have announced their 2018 bout schedules, and this week, we’ll be bringing you up to speed on when and where these incredible teams will be playing so you can mark your calendars and plan now.

First up, the Kansas City Roller Warriors:


For clarity’s sake, and in case the graphic is just too small, KCRW’s dates for 2018 are:

January 6
January 20
February 10
March 3
March 24
April 14
May 5 (Rink of Fire)

All dates are Saturdays, all bouts are held at Memorial Hall in KCK, and they all begin at 6:00 p.m. We’ll have more details as each event draws closer, and as always, you can keep tabs on the goings-on in the world of Kansas City roller derby by liking and following our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We’re just as excited about the new season as you are, so stay tuned, and January will be here before you know it, derby fans.

Lovely Lethals Fundraiser

This Friday night, November 10th, at Cellar & Loft in Kearney, Missouri, the Lovely Lethals of Fountain City Roller Derby are hosting a team fundraiser you won’t want to miss.

Click for the Facebook event page.

The party goes from 6:00 to about 9:00 p.m. Friday and features live acoustic music, raffles, gift baskets, and the chance to mingle with your favorite members of the Lovely Lethals squad.

There is no admission charge, we’re told the venue has a terrific selection of wine and beer, and you’ll be supporting one of the most dynamic and entertaining flat track teams in Kansas City.

Join the Lovely Lethals this Friday night at Cellar & Loft in Kearney!

Photos – Fountain City Coed Champs

Fountain City Roller Derby recently held their annual coed and rec league championship bouts, and as always, the results were stellar. The Untouchables brought home the coed trophy by taking down the fearsome Public Enemies by a final score of 98-34, and as you might expect, we have the photos.

Click for the full photo album.

Many thanks to everyone in the Fountain City organization for yet another fantastic season of derby on the flat track. They’ve already announced their dates for 2018, so we’ll track down the graphic and have it for you as soon as we can.

Roll on, Kansas City!

FCRD 2017 Coed Championship

This Saturday night, Fountain City Roller Derby will wrap up its stellar 2017 season with the Coed League championship bout pitting the defending champion Untouchables against the fearsome Public Enemies, a team bound and determined to get that trophy back.

Click for the Facebook event page.

The first bout of the night features visiting Benton County facing off against The Usual Suspects in a match-up that’s guaranteed to start the night strong. The coed championship game will immediately follow.

Kids ages 12 and under are admitted free this Saturday night; tickets for everyone else are $12 each. Doors open at B&D Skate Center at 6:00, and small coolers are allowed with a $10 fee at the door.

Join us at B&D Saturday night for Fountain City’s big 2017 season finale! We will see you trackside, Kansas City!