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Cowtown Butchers vs. Benton County photos

Our photos from this weekend’s Cowtown Butchers game against the Benton County Derby Demons has been posted for your perusal!

Click for the full album.

Many congratulations go out to the Butchers for hanging (very) tough throughout a game that was rough, hard-hitting, and by all accounts dirty. The Derby Demons pulled down the W, but sometimes it’s not the score that determines the winner.

Summer Smash photos

For your viewing enjoyment, we have posted our photos from this weekend’s Summer Smash games starring two Dead Girl Derby mash-up teams and the Jesse Janes and Venomous Vixens of St. Joseph’s Blacksnake Rollergirls. Good Lord, that’s a lotta bold type.

Click to see the full album.

Big thanks, as always, to the Blacksnake Rollergirls for hosting such a phenomenal event, and congrats to the mash-up teams, the Graveyard Disciples and the Devious Darlins for taking home the respective wins.

Roller Runts Photo Album

Did you miss last weekend’s Kansas City Roller Runts bouts at Winnwood Skate Center? Good news, our complete photo album from their first-ever home bout has been posted!

Click to view the full album.

Stay tuned to KC Derby Digest for more information on upcoming Roller Runts events! You won’t believe what these little ladies bring to the track!