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Butchers Scrimmage in Omaha

Last weekend, KC Derby Digest was invited along on a one-day road trip to Omaha, Nebraska to witness and photograph a mash-up scrimmage involving the Cowtown Butchers, the Sioux City Kornstalkers, and the Omaha Roller Bros.

Twelve-plus hours of combined drive time and derby awesomeness in the Omaha Rollergirls practice facility makes for some happy skaters and fans, and we have the photographic evidence to show for it.

Click image for full photo album.

Big thanks to everyone involved for the hard work and hospitality that went into the scrimmage, and we look forward to many more just like it.

Night of the Rolling Dead photos

Derby fans, if you missed last weekend’s championship game in St. Joseph between the Jesse Janes and the Venomous Vixens of the Blacksnake Rollergirls, you’re in luck, because KC Derby Digest was in attendance, camera in hand:

Congratulations to the Venomous Vixens for pulling out the 2012 championship, and many thanks to all the ladies and gents in St. Joseph for a fantastic first season. We can’t wait to see the Blacksnake Rollergirls in 2013!

Zombie Apocalypse III photos

Derby fans, our photo album from the August 26th Dead Girl Derby championships, the Zombie Apocalypse III, has been posted for your enjoyment:

Click for the full album.

Congratulations to the Shotgun Sheilas for an undefeated season, and to the Royal Pains for pulling third place right out of their very shapely asses. It’s been a tough season, but the fans have loved every moment of it!

KCRW vs. Naptown photos

Take a peek! We’ve posted photos from the recent bout featuring the Kansas City Roller Warriors All Stars and the Naptown Rollergirls!

Click to see the full album.

Big thanks, as always, to the ladies of KCRW for doing what they do so well. Without you, we’d have to find other things to spend our time and money on, and that way leads to a whole lotta trouble.