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Game Photos: 2013 Charity Bouts

Last weekend’s charity bouts at Hale Arena hosted by Dead Girl Derby were more fun than any derby fan has a right to, but how could it have gone any other way? The fun began with a co-ed mash-up bout and ended with the Kansas City Roller Warriors Plan B taking on Dead Girl Derby in a 50/50 bout in which the first half was played by the M.A.D.E. rule set and the second half featured WFTDA rules.

We’d certainly never seen anything like it before, and we’re guessing the rest of Kansas City hadn’t, either. The whole thing was one big fundraiser for Hillcrest Transitional Housing that brought in something like $1700, exactly 100% of which went to its intended charitable recipient.

Of course, we have the photos.

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Special thanks to the band Seventh Day for another awesome performance at this year’s charity bouts, and thanks again to Dead Girl Derby, the Cowtown Butchers, and KCRW Plan B for their participation in a truly unique event.

Game Photos: Full Metal Jammer

This weekend’s Full Metal Jammer event in St. Joseph served as yet another reminder of why we love our Blacksnake Rollergirls.

Hopefully, our photo set from this weekend’s games will serve as a reminder to you that you should seriously consider getting your arses up to St. Joe, if you haven’t already, to check out this phenomenal league.

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Congratulations to the Danger Dolls and the Rushin’ Rollettes for picking up the wins this weekend, and we will see you again on June 15th!

Game Photos: KCRW Game 2

We finally have game photos from last weekend’s Kansas City Roller Warriors Game 2 featuring the Black Eye Susans’ win over the Victory Vixens and the Knockouts‘ handy victory over the Dreadnought Dorothys. Photos contained herein:

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The wins for these two extraordinary teams ensure a definite trip to the Rink of Fire championship bout and will bring us a first-time winner regardless of who comes out on top. It promises to be a very tight, competitive bout, given how tough these Susans and KOs have looked so far this season; we’ll know a bit more after the June bout, since they play each other once before the ROF, but we’re predicting a Knockouts win by a slimmer margin than anyone probably expects. Stay tuned, however — flat track roller derby in Kansas City is never very predictable when you’re dealing with talent of this caliber. We’ll be holding our breath with you to see who brings home the trophy.

Game Photos: The Coll-Ides of March

If you’ve never been to a Blacksnake Rollergirls event at the St. Joseph Civic Arena — or more specifically, if you missed this weekend’s games — then we here at KC Derby Digest certainly pity the fool. Because you missed what will, without a doubt, go down as two of the closest, hardest-fought games of the 2013 season.

The first game of the evening saw the newly-formed Danger Dolls take on the second-year Jesse Janes and win in a fist-pounding nailbiter, 86-84. The second game was even closer than that, literally coming down to the very last jam, a zero-sum event that saw the 2012 champion Venomous Vixens cling to a 113-112 win over the Rushin’ Rollettes that left everyone in the Civic Arena holding their breath on the edge of their seats. There really is no sufficient hyperbole here — the Blacksnake Rollergirls killed it this weekend.

And we have the pictures.

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The next event in St. Joseph is on April 13th, and we will, as always, be bringing you reminders as the date draws near, as we do with all the leagues. Congratulations to everyone in the Blacksnake Rollergirls organization for giving the fans exactly what they showed up to see Saturday night. We can’t wait to see you again!

Game Photos: Shamrocks, Shillelaghs, and Shenanigans

This weekend’s Dead Girl Derby presentation of Game 2: Shamrocks, Shillelaghs, and Shenanigans nearly topped last month’s home opener, and KC Derby Digest was, once again, on hand to witness the madness.

The Deadly Sirens squeaked out a win against the Lovely Lethals 43-41 in a nailbiter that left the Ladies in Pink with an 0-2 start for the first time in their history; don’t expect them to stay there. Next, the Shotgun Sheilas pulled out a modest 21-point win over a Royal Pains team that has never, ever looked better; expect great things from both of these squads this season. Finally, the ultra-tense Throwback game saw the Black Plague snag a last-second win over Gang Green 82-80 that left everyone at Hale Arena breathless.

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It was an absolutely phenomenal night of flat track derby action, and anyone who wasn’t there seriously missed out. Tickets for Game 3: Hair Bands from Hale are already on sale from your favorite Dead Girl, or keep an eye on Ticketmaster, where they’ll be available shortly. We hope to see everyone there. The way this season is going, no derby fan in his/her right mind would miss out if they could help it.

KCRW Season Opener 2013

As derby fans know by now, the Kansas City Roller Warriors kicked off their 2013 season this past Saturday night at Municipal Auditorium with what is almost certainly the best home opener we’ve seen since we began following the Greatest Sport in the World lo, those many seasons ago.

The Black Eye Susans and the Dreadnought Dorothys took the track in the first game of the evening in a bit of a rout that saw the Susans come out on top 283-115. Insanity ensued between games when the audience was essentially invited out into the infield for an impromptu performance of the Harlem Shake, and afterwards, the 2012 Champion Victory Vixens and the 2012 third place team, the Knockouts, slugged out a stunner that saw the Knockouts take the win by only 16 points, 146-130.

Naturally, we took pictures.

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Thus the season begins with both the Susans and KOs with 1-0 records at the same time for the first time since God only knows when. Both of these teams have come a very long way in the last couple of years, and from what we saw Saturday night, 2013 promises to be a very exciting season, with so many of the house teams apparently so well-matched. The Rink of Fire championship is definitely up for grabs this year. We can’t wait to see who takes it home.

Many thanks, as usual, to the entire Kansas City Roller Warriors organization for putting on one hell of a show Saturday night. We’re already looking forward to April 6th.

Love Hurts: To Hale With It

Derby fans, the season has officially begun, and we here at KC Derby Digest couldn’t be happier about it, for cryin’ out loud. This past Saturday night, Dead Girl Derby kicked off Season 4 at Hale Arena and nearly brought the house down with three memorable, fist-pounding games that began with a throwback of Black Plague vs. Gang Green; the Shotgun Sheilas scored their first win of the season over the formidable Lovely Lethals 113-67; and the Royal Pains took out the Deadly Sirens in a ball-breaker, 55-45.

As always, KC Derby Digest was there to document the insanity, and we have, for your perusal, 200 photos of the madness that gripped the newly-christened Hale Arena in what we hope is the beginning of a very long and fruitful partnership. Congratulations to all Dead Girls for giving the fans exactly what they showed up to see. If Love Hurts: To Hale With It was any indication, 2013 could wind up being the best season yet for this incredible league.

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