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Photos – KCRW Game 1

By now, derby fans in Kansas City know they can find our photo albums on our Smugmug page. Still, KC Derby Digest dot-com is the central hub for our coverage of roller derby in KC, so going forward, we’ll be posting links to that season’s photo albums anytime we can.

First up from last weekend, the Knockouts vs. the Black Eye Susans:

Click for the full photo album.

The second bout of the night, of course, featured the Dreadnought Dorothys and the Victory Vixens:

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As always, stay tuned to KC Derby Digest for more flat track action as the season goes on!

KCRW Game 1 Results

Saturday night’s Kansas City Roller Warriors 2019 season opener was certainly a ride, the kind we’ve frankly come to expect from such a competitive league. Game 1 saw the 2018 defending champions, the Knockouts, take home a big win over the Black Eye Susans by a final score of 229-128.

The KOs jumped out to a big early lead and essentially held onto it the entire bout, giving fans the impression (already) that they may indeed be the team to beat again this year.


The second bout of the night was quite a bit closer and featured impressive performances by the Dreadnought Dorothys and Victory Vixens.

The Dorothys took an early lead, but the Vixens kept finding ways to close the gap. The Ruby Reds held a scant 86-79 lead at halftime, and they managed to hold on and take the game 185-151 over the Vixens in the end. That’s only a 34-point difference, and although it’s enough, it’s not a dominant victory under this rule set, so we’ll be watching these two teams very closely as the season progresses.

The Vixens also debuted their slick new uniforms Saturday night, too.


Current Standings

Knockouts: 1-0
Dreadnought Dorothys: 1-0
Black Eye Susans: 0-1
Victory Vixens: 0-1

The Kansas City Roller Warriors‘ next event is on February 2, so mark your calendars and keep an eye on KC Derby Digest as the date approaches.

The KCRW 2019 Season Begins

With a new year comes a brand new season of flat track roller derby madness in Kansas City, and this Saturday night, the Kansas City Roller Warriors light the fuse on what is guaranteed to be an explosive year at historic Memorial Hall.

Click for the Facebook event page.

Doors open at 5:00 p.m., and the first bout of 2019 begins promptly at 6:00.

Kicking things off, the 2018 Rink of Fire Champions, the Knockouts, face their perennial rivals, the Black Eye Susans. If history is any indication, fans at Memorial are in for a treat as these two talented squads face off in what is traditionally one of the fiercest match-ups of the season. It’s a great way to kick off the new year.

Immediately following, the dreaded Dreadnought Dorothys take on the Victory Vixens in another classic match-up that promises a memorable start to the new year.

LA’s Cuisine will be serving up some of the finest barbecue in Kansas City — including vegan and gluten-free options — and there will also be $2 beers available until 6:00.

Adult tickets are $15 at the door, and kiddos ages 6-12 are just $10 each. The afterparty will be held at the 403 Club just minutes from Memorial Hall immediately following the bouts.

We will, of course, be trackside for Saturday night’s event, and whether you’re able to attend or not, you can get scores and highlights throughout the evening on our Twitter page, no account necessary, and you can also see exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos on our Instagram page.

We hope to see everyone at Memorial Hall this Saturday night as the Kansas City Roller Warriors kick off their 2019 season!

Are You Ready for Some Derby?

There was a time in Kansas City when the roller derby season didn’t start for another two or three months. The Kansas City Roller Warriors‘ season typically ran from March to August, and Fountain City usually started in February and lasted through roughly the end of summer.

Times have thankfully changed, and nowadays, the months-long wait for more roller derby action has been pared down significantly — especially when you consider KCRW’s mini-tournaments and invitationals that can extend into December, rendering the “off season” a bit of a misnomer.

Derby fans in Kansas City will be able to get their flat track fix starting January 5 when KCRW kicks off its 2019 season at Memorial Hall in KCK.


We’ll have the full details for you as bout day draws nearer. Mark your calendars now for January 5 and join us trackside as we spend another incredible season covering this amazing league.

Later, toward the end of January, Fountain City Roller Derby‘s all-gender/coed league kicks off ’19 with Game 1 on January 26.


Stay tuned to KC Derby Digest, both here and on social media, for all the latest in upcoming roller derby action right here in KC. 2019 is a season you won’t want to miss!

Have You Met the 7th Street Brigade?

If you’re anything like us, you couldn’t help but notice a few mysterious, unexplained details on this weekend’s Junior Roller Warriors Facebook event page or the recurring event page they’ve set up to cover all the dates — morsels here and there that gave us enough to whet our appetites, but were tantalizingly short on specifics.

Here’s the deal. Each of this season’s three KCRW Juniors bouts, which are scheduled for August 4, August 18, and September 8, will be followed by a coed bout featuring what’s only known as the 7th Street Brigade.

Logo design by Swezey on the Eyes of KCRW.

Thus far, no further information about this 7th Street Brigade has been provided on social media or KCRW’s web site, so of course, we at KC Derby Digest took it upon ourselves to do some fact finding.

We already knew that KCRW had been trying, for quite some time, to get a MRDA (men’s) team up and running, but were having some trouble drumming up sufficient interest. A little later, we’d heard they were looking into the possibility of forming a coed team, much like the one Fountain City established in 2014. From there, though, the rumor mill went silent.

Last week, we got in touch with a gentleman by the derby name of Brewin’ Trouble, who we’re told is the head of coed for KCRW, and threw a few questions his way to share with fans as they head into this weekend’s bouts.

KC Derby Digest: How did KCRW decide to launch a coed league?

Brewin’ Trouble: “We had a handful of guys that wanted to play MRDA, and the practices were open to KCRW members, so we had a lot of league skaters working with us. In the summer of 2017, we were invited to join KCRW’s black and white scrimmages. By the beginning of 2018, we decided to develop a coed team instead of a MRDA team, and we got league approval to become a KCRW team.”

KC Derby Digest: How did the 7th Street Brigade gets its name?

Brewin’ Trouble: “We chose the name 7th Street Brigade to tie us to Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall on 7th Street, where we skate, and to recognize and honor the history of KCRW and Memorial Hall.”

KC Derby Digest: Do the teams have names yet? (Do we have teams?) Will the teams be consistent, or will the line-ups be lottery-style?

Brewin’ Trouble: “Right now, KCRW only has the one coed team. We hope to have more in the future, and when we do, we will develop some Kansas City names for them. For our Dog Days of Summer Series, we will be playing other teams in the region:

August 4th – Fountain City Coed Roller Derby
August 18th – Salty Beach Roller Derby (out of Hutchinson, KS)
September 8th – Ozarks Shockers Coed Roller Derby

In the future, we plan on having enough players for a couple house teams from which we will pull skaters for a travel team, similar to the current setup KCRW uses.”

KC Derby Digest: Is there any chance the coed bouts will be integrated into the KCRW house schedule at some point in the future?

Brewin’ Trouble: “This year, our coed home season is tied to the Juniors games to coordinate bout productions. For now, the home seasons of coed and the house teams will be kept separate.”

The Dog Days of Summer Series

This Saturday, the Kansas City Junior Roller Warriors kick off their 2018 season at Memorial Hall in KCK. Doors open at 4:00 p.m., and the games begin at 5:00.

Click for the Facebook event page.

The Juniors will get the show going, and immediately following, the 7th Street Brigade makes its debut on the flat track and takes its place in Kansas City roller derby history by taking on the formidable Fountain City Roller Derby coed squad.

Tickets are $10 per person, and kiddos 12 and under are admitted free. LA’s Cuisine will be serving up the concessions, including some vegan and gluten-free options. There will also be face painting and a balloon artist on hand to join in the fun.

Join us this Saturday at 5:00 for the 2018 Juniors season and the flat track debut of the 7th Street Brigade!

The Kansas City Roller Warriors 2019 Home Schedule

So what if it’s still July? The Kansas City Roller Warriors have already announced their 2019 home schedule, and we couldn’t be happier with the news!

Next season, these queens of the flat track will join us for seven home bouts, and the dates are as follows:

January 5
February 2
March 2
March 30
May 4
June 22
July 20

All dates are Saturdays, and all bout nights happen at Memorial Hall in KCK.

As always, we’ll have full details as these events draw near, but in the meantime, mark your calendars and prepare for another phenomenal season on the flat track with the Kansas City Roller Warriors!