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Seeing Stars

There is no shortage of incredible roller derby action this weekend, and the Blacksnake Rollergirls of St. Joseph are certainly doing their part. Their phenomenal 2013 season continues to simmer with Game 6, Seeing Stars, at the St. Joseph Civic Arena this Saturday night.

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It’s a classic Old Teams/New Teams lineup for the BRG, with the Jesse Janes taking on the 2012 champion Venomous Vixens, followed by the Rushin’ Rollettes facing off against the Danger Dolls in the second game of the evening.

In addition, members of the 501st Legion and The Rebel Legion will be making appearances in full Star Wars regalia, and you can dress as your favorite Star Wars character for a chance to win prizes. Doors open at 5 p.m., and the first game begins promptly at 6 p.m.

If you’ve never had the privilege of seeing the Blacksnake Rollergirls in action, this is the perfect opportunity to see these amazingly talented ladies blow the roof off the St. Joseph Civic Arena. There’s nothing quite like it.

Rink of Fire 2013

Derby fans, this is what it all comes down to. The Kansas City Roller Warriors have rocked Municipal Auditorium all season long, and this Saturday night, the Rink of Fire championship will settle for good and all who holds flat track supremacy in 2013.

The evening begins with the third place game between the Dreadnought Dorothys and the 2012 champion Victory Vixens. The Dorothys have had a rough go of it the last couple of seasons, going winless in both ’12 and ’13 after six straight seasons of taking home the house cup. These two teams faced off last month in what amounted to a preview of this year’s Rink of Fire, and while the Vixens claimed a solid 206-111 win over the Ruby Reds, we couldn’t help but notice how long it’s been since anyone scored 100+ points against the Red White ‘n Blue… who, if you’ll remember, didn’t lose one stinkin’ game in 2012. Granted, a handful of Vixens retired after the ’12 season, and the great Situation, née Evolution, is now skating her heart out in the Hawaiian isles after retiring from the Roller Warriors after last month’s game. So there are factors, to say the least.

Nonetheless, we’re predicting a Vixens win by 70 points or better, but expect the Dorothys to show up in full force, never giving an inch and taking every mile they can get their hands on.


Then, in game two… you shall bear witness to what may well be the most important bout in all of Kansas City roller derby for the 2013 season. The Knockouts and the Black Eye Susans, neither of whom have ever taken home a Rink of Fire championship in the nine-year history of the Kansas City Roller Warriors, will take the track in what is absolutely guaranteed to be the most intense championship bout this phenomenal league has ever brought us. Last month’s game between these two titans saw the Knockouts‘ 53-point halftime lead dwindle to six late in the fourth period. The whole ball game was decided in the final jam when the Black Eye Susans jammer was sent to the box on an unfortunate (and perhaps controversial) penalty that allowed the Knockouts a power jam and resulted in a 164-146 final.

Eighteen points, people. That is nothing in WFTDA flat track. To further muddy the waters, the Susans were skating without mainstays Damsel of D’Tension and Extremely Frank last month as well, both of whom will be back and ready to roll this Saturday night. In other words, last month’s game told us absolutely nothing, and this next one is almost impossible to call.

Having said that, we’re predicting a Knockouts win by a margin of THE VERY LAST JAM. These two teams are so well-matched, the whole thing is going to wind up being a white-knuckled nailbiter pretty much from start to finish. There really is no sufficient hyperbole here.

You Bruz, you lose.

Doors open at Municipal Auditorium at 5:00 Saturday evening, and the first whistle is promptly at 6:00. Get there early. This, above all others, is the bout night you do not want to miss. These Roller Warriors have been through a lot in 2013; all four teams have made significant strides on the track this season, and the Rink of Fire is what it all comes down to. Show your support for this league of extraordinary women and cheer your favorite team(s) on to victory this Saturday night! We will definitely, definitely see you there!

On Captaining the Black Eye Susans

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“I am really proud of this team! The Susans are strong and adaptable this year. Every struggle or weakness has been improved upon at practice, and that says a lot about trust and teamwork. The Knockouts are also very strong this year. I think Knockouts and Susans fans are going to see [an] amazing game. Thanks for your interest in the Susans! 2013 is the Year of the Susan!”

— Miss Ann Vinegar, 2013 Black Eye Susans captain

Game Photos: June Jump and Jab

The Blacksnake Rollergirls of St. Joseph have a way of putting on some of the best derby nights in the Kansas City area. The four teams, while relatively new to the sport, are tenacious, aggressive, spirited, and above all, well-matched. That’s really what fans come to see — exciting, competitive, impassioned roller derby that, dollar for dollar, really can’t be matched anywhere else in the world of Kansas City sports.

Well, as you can imagine, the BRG didn’t disappoint, and we have the game photos.

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The Venomous Vixens brought home the win against a fiery Rushin’ Rollettes team by a score of 81-75, and the Danger Dolls handled the formidable Jesse Janes 95-54. Special props go out to Lucy Brawler, Nic NailHer, and Little Miss Rampage for stepping up and skating with a Jesse Janes team that was short a few ladies due to uncontrollable circumstances. Their sportsmanship and willingness to, you know, skate in back to back games helped the show go on as scheduled.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also send out an extra helping of mad derby love to Lucy Brawler who, whilst temporarily wearing Jesse Janes red, snapped her ankle with half a second left in the game and is already out of surgery and doing well. Lucy tells us she’ll be out for the remainder of the season, but you can expect this pertinacious terror on eight wheels to be back on the flat track and cracking skulls for the Venomous Vixens in ’14.

As always, many thanks to the incredible Blacksnake Rollergirls for another fantastic night of flat track action in St. Joseph, and we look forward to many more.

Game Photos: Full Metal Jammer

This weekend’s Full Metal Jammer event in St. Joseph served as yet another reminder of why we love our Blacksnake Rollergirls.

Hopefully, our photo set from this weekend’s games will serve as a reminder to you that you should seriously consider getting your arses up to St. Joe, if you haven’t already, to check out this phenomenal league.

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Congratulations to the Danger Dolls and the Rushin’ Rollettes for picking up the wins this weekend, and we will see you again on June 15th!

Shamrocks, Shillelaghs, and Shenanigans

It’s time to get geared up once again for some amazing Dead Girl Derby action! Game 2 is tomorrow night at Hale Arena, and if you were there last month — or heard anything at all about it — you definitely, definitely don’t want to miss this!

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You can get your tickets here through Ticketmaster if you so desire, or tomorrow night at the door, if you dare. KC Derby Digest will, of course, be on hand to document the awesomeness — we’ll see you there!