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(More) Tons of Bout Photos

It’s kind of exciting to be this caught up on derby photos this late in the season. As I was explaining to a friend just the other night, given the sheer number of leagues we cover on KC Derby Digest, it’s nearly impossible to keep photos on schedule throughout the season without fail. If nothing else, life gets in the way.

But Kansas City, as you know, has so much incredible roller derby action going on this time of year that if you’re going to keep yourself fed and on any kind of sleep schedule, you’re almost guaranteed, in our line of work, to fall behind at some point. It’s a good thing we’re just so darned dedicated, because today we bring you a whole entire slew of photos from recent events and bouts you hopefully didn’t miss, even if you haven’t seen the albums.

Just for fun, let’s see how long we can stick with a wacky “fall down/go boom” theme.

Dead Girl Derby’s Coed League

We’ve already touted the Untouchables and the Public Enemies as the best new thing in Kansas City roller derby since the Banked Beauties made their debut back in 2012 (a league we hope to see again). Competitive coed roller derby is something Kansas City has never seen before, and to be sure, this crop of Dead Girls and Guys has made the most of a fantastic idea. They held their most recent game back on June 22, and we have the photos for you.

Click for the full album.

Going backwards in time here, the Coed League held their second game of the season on May 18th, and we were there as well, capturing the madness on digital film for your enjoyment. Don’t kid yourself, though, it was for ours too.

Click for Game 2.

Dead Girl Derby’s Zombie League

Once upon a time, there was only Black Plague and Gang Green, and today, that tradition lives on stronger than ever through Dead Girl Derby‘s Zombie League.

Their most recent game was also on June 22, alongside the Coed League.

Game 3.

And likewise, rewinding the clock a bit, Game 2 for the Zombie League was also on May 18, so here you have it.

Game 2.

Fountain City Expo Games

Come September 8th, Dead Girl Derby will officially become known as Fountain City Roller Derby, a name change we’ve already squealed like a girl over in recent days and can’t wait to see finally take place.

About this time last month, the Coed League, Zombie League, and Fountain City travel teams held a unique outdoor event at the Alamo Drafthouse and put their mad derby skillz on display before riffing all over Whip It as part of a league fundraiser hosted by the Alamo. It was the most exciting new event in a long time, and we, of course, wouldn’t have missed it.

Click for the expo games photo album.

Blacksnake Rollergirls

If you haven’t been up to St. Joseph to witness the flat track awesomeness that is the Blacksnake Rollergirls at the Civic Arena, you’re definitely missing out. Dead Girl Derby‘s sister league puts on a heck of a show every month, and the league is growing like a weed. They went from two house teams to four after just one season — the 2013 house championship was won by the Danger Dolls, one of the expansion teams — and there’s been no stopping them ever since.

KC Derby Digest unfortunately had to miss the BRGs’ most recent game because it was slated for July 12th, the same night as the Dead Girls, but last month’s games on June 7th were as wild as they ever were, and we were definitely there for that. It was a 60s-themed event called Peace Love & Roller Derby, so… what’s not to love?

Click for the photo album.

Previously on the Blacksnake Rollergirls‘ schedule was a May event known as ABLOCKalypse Now, a military appreciation-themed event that took place near Memorial Day, and true to its name…

ABLOCKalypse Now.

What’s Next

Dead Girl Derby‘s third house game of the season was this past Saturday night at Hale Arena, and in the spirit of this whole keeping-up-with-photos thing we’ve got going on at the moment, we hope to have those published sometime this week.

The NEMO Viqueens, our favorite flat track team out of Kirksville, Missouri, has invited us to shoot their upcoming bout, and both the Dead Girls and the Blacksnake Rollergirls have August and September events we plan to cover as well. The 2014 season is in full swing and there’s still plenty left, including the respective championships, so stay tuned to KC Derby Digest and all our social media for the latest. As incredible as the season’s been so far… something tells us the best is still in front of us.

Featured Dead Girl – July 2014

Our Featured Dead Girl for July is Zombina!

Name: Zombina
Teams: The Shotgun Sheilas and Gang Green
Position(s): Blocker, Jammer, Pivot
Seasons with Dead Girl Derby: 2

How did you discover Dead Girl Derby?
“I had always thought roller derby was an interesting sport, but only had ever seen old videos (those 1960s bombshells going crazy on the banked track). I had yet to experience modernized derby in all its glory. Around the time I was pregnant with my youngest son, my really good friend of almost nine years, 10aciousV, started playing with DGD. The way she talked about the league and what skating did for her made me even more interested. She talked about all the benefits: exercise, girl time, bonding, and her transformation into an ultra-BAMF. So one weekend I took the whole family up to River Roll to watch 10acious skate. Watching her skate her heart out and seeing all the passion in the girls that were skating made me realize that this was something I had to do as soon as I could after my pregnancy. So, six weeks after my son was born, I was at recruitment night, nervous as hell! And even though I couldn’t skate to save my life and fell down constantly, I was in love!”

Explain the origin of your derby name.
“Anyone who has known me for quite some time understands I have a ‘slight’ obsession with horror films, specifically zombie movies. In college I redesigned “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks as a pocket guide for on-the-go survival, my house is decked out in tons of Zombie stuff from zombie gnomes outside in our garden to zombie artwork on the walls, I take my children with me to participate in zombie walks, and I have seen almost every zombie film I can get my hands on. After much debate (picking a derby name ranks up there in difficulty with naming your children!) it seemed only natural to have my name tie to the undead flesh eaters and I already had an online handle as z0mbina, so I just went with that!”

Who inspires you on the track?
“Wow…this is super tough… Dead Girl Derby has so many talented and fearless people involved with it… it’s so hard to pick. First off: the not-so-fresh-meat this year have been incredibly inspiring! They are not afraid to push themselves to the limit and keep going, even though their legs are like jello or they may be nervous about a new drill. All of those girls have come so far from when they started. I am so proud of them! Of course, all my Sheilas have been incredibly inspiring for me as well! They will never let me give up when I’m frustrated, are always pushing me to do better than my best, and are so encouraging! Individual skaters outside my team that inspire me are: Red Ripper, 10aciousV, Striking Dervish, Ginger Ninja, Jam-Pa, Leroy Jenkins, and [Suicide] Snowcone.”

How has roller derby changed your life?
“There were plenty of times last season that I was about to give up. I was frustrated that I wasn’t progressing as fast as I wanted to, I was nervous on my skates, I wasn’t fast, etc etc etc… but the best part was that even though I had begun to give up on myself, others in the league wouldn’t let me. The encouragement I have seen from skaters and coaches is just incredibly heartwarming. I have met some really wonderful people because of this sport, and that’s ultra-difficult for me since I have a really hard time opening up and making new friends. I also feel like I am probably in the best shape since high school and more physically strong than I have ever been. Roller derby also have given me a new-found sense of empowerment!”

What is it about roller derby that brings out the best in Zombina?
“I love being able to help the newer skaters. I remember that feeling of downing on the track, not knowing what to do. I don’t want our new skaters feeling like that, so I always make myself available for questions or offering up tweaks to their technique. I think I am at my best when I can contribute to my league mates accomplishments. It’s great to watch a skater fulfill their derby aspirations!”

To see more of Zombina and all the Dead Girls in action, visit our photo albums on Smugmug, like us on Facebook, and check out our newly-launched Pinterest and Instagram pages.

Derby Saturday

This weekend features another perilous Saturday night in which Kansas City roller derby fans must choose their league. These things happen, especially to us. When you follow as much derby as we do, you’re bound to run into date conflicts, and until technology catches up with our love of derby, we can only be in one place at a time.

Above all, we like to keep readers informed so they can make informed choices about how to spend their roller derby dollar. We love our Dead Girls and Blacksnake ladies, but stop scheduling games on the same night, mmmkay? Kthx.

Dead Girl Derby – Game 3

Hale Arena is the place to be for Dead Girl Derby action Saturday night. Doors open at 5:00, the first game begins at 6:00, and you won’t want to miss this one. It’s the last game of the season before the championship games on August 16th. The Deadly Sirens take on the formidable Shotgun Sheilas in game one of the night’s festivities, and the reigning champion Royal Pains face off against the Lovely Lethals in game two.

Click for the Facebook event page.

KC Derby Digest will be there, camera in hand, to document the madness, so get to Hale Arena early and don’t miss these incredible ladies in one of their final games under the Dead Girl Derby name. Adult tickets at the door are $15, kids 6-12 are $7, and children 5 and under are admitted free.

Wicked Witches of the Mid-West

For Blacksnake Rollergirls action on the flat track, there is only the St. Joseph Civic Arena, and that’s where you can find this outstanding league this Saturday night. This weekend’s Wizard of Oz themed event will first feature the Kansas City Roller Warriors Junior Derby league in game one, followed by a two-team Blacksnake mash-up contest in game two.

Click for the Facebook event page.

Tickets at the door are $12 for adults, $7 for kids 6-12, and $0 for rugrats ages 5 and under. Doors open at the Civic Arena at 5:00. They also have a Chuck-a-Duck contest for great prizes, as well as a 50/50 drawing for cashola.

Best of luck to all the ladies of Kansas City and St. Joseph roller derby this Saturday night! Be sure to follow us on The Twitter for all the scores and highlights this weekend, and we will see you trackside, Kansas City. Roll on!

Fountain City Roller Derby

We at KC Derby Digest have gotten quite a few e-mails (and even a few phone calls, which is weird for a web site) from local followers of this great sport asking about the impending name change from Dead Girl Derby to Fountain City Roller Derby, a change which was announced on live television a couple of weeks ago when Coach Kentner, Mel Breakdown, Texas Outlaw, and Slim Karsmashian appeared on KCTV5 News to talk about the league and all the latest. We caught up with Coach Kentner late last week to get the full details, and here’s what he had to say, followed by our own take on this incredible announcement.

Not pictured: Coach Kentner.

KC Derby Digest:
What prompted the name change to Fountain City after five seasons?

Coach Kentner:
“With the introduction of our two coed teams this year, we felt the “Girl” in Dead Girl Derby did not really describe us as a league anymore. We also wanted a name that tied us to the city that we love and come from. Kansas City’s nickname is the “City of Fountains,” so we thought Fountain City Roller Derby was a perfect fit for us.”

KC Derby Digest:
And who designed that brilliant new logo?

Coach Kentner:
“Our very own skater, Zombina, was the one who designed the logo and did an amazing job.”

KC Derby Digest:
When is the name change official?

Coach Kentner:
“The plan right now is to transition at the end of season on September 8th, the day after the last Coed/Zombie League bout. However, at the new recruitment nights on August 10th and 18th, the potential new league members will only know the league as Fountain City Roller Derby from the time they start.”

KC Derby Digest:
Will Dead Girl Derby merchandise still be available? Also, is the full line of FCRD merch already available, or will that take time to roll out?

Coach Kentner:
Dead Girl Derby merchandise is still available for purchase, but in limited quantities. We plan on selling it until it runs out. If we have a demand for what would now be considered “vintage” DGD gear, we will certainly look into printing more DGD merchandise. We do have some Fountain City Roller Derby [shirts] for sale, but it will take some time to get everything [else] designed and ordered. No team names will change, so team merchandise is still available for purchase. We are trying to make the transition for all our fans as easy as possible so no one gets lost in what is going on.”

Our Take on the New Name

Errrbody’s been wanting to know what KC Derby Digest thinks of the name change. Traditionally, we tend to be… well, traditionalists, so to speak. We don’t love change, and typically, we figure things are the way they are for a reason.

Having said that, we think the new league name is brilliant.

And that’s not “as opposed” to the old name, either; we’ve spoken with several people in the last couple of weeks who say they’ve always disliked the name Dead Girl Derby, and although we are not among them, we are in full agreement that the name change will benefit the league in just about every way imaginable.

Coach Kentner was exactly right: it does better reflect the league’s roots in Kansas City, and that’s important. “Fountain City” is clever, it’s culturally referential, and if you know what’s what, it does tell you where we’re from without actually naming the city. To add to the appeal, it will be vague enough for non-Kansas Citians to wonder aloud about the name, which is a form of free marketing/advertising unto itself. But perhaps most importantly, it is the latest indication that this amazing league has absolutely, positively grown into adulthood after five fantastically successful seasons.

The name Dead Girl Derby has its roots in the zombie theme the league’s bouts used to feature. In those days, Gang Green and Black Plague were the only two teams in existence, in keeping with the theme. The original logo was on board with that too:

Click to enlarge

It was fun, whimsical, and perfectly appropriate for an up-and-coming flat track league in its infancy. But I have to say, the chuckles I often heard when telling newbies about something called “Dead Girl Derby” were getting really old. Legitimacy in the eyes of the public is something roller derby may always struggle with, and this name change will be the latest nail in the coffin of the perception that this great sport is just pro rasslin’ on wheels.

At this point, they’ve outgrown the name, the logo, and the zombie theme. House games are held at Hale Arena — not exactly small potatoes. The league itself is now comprised of eight teams, and as a result, their membership has surpassed that of all other Kansas City leagues, male or female, making them “Kansas City’s largest roller derby league,” according to their still-under construction web site. A new name was simply the next logical step in the evolution of this unparalleled league, and they’ve certainly made the most of the opportunity.

In keeping with their origins, the new Fountain City logo retains at least one element of the old Dead Girl Derby design, and the Zombie League bouts held at B&D Skate Center are the perfect throwback to days gone by. From there, however, it is clearly onward and upward for this unstoppable league, and we at KC Derby Digest couldn’t be more thrilled about their continued growth and success. As these ladies and gents bring their Dead Girl days to an end and enter a new era of flat track excellence, we look forward to seeing what these incredible athletes have in store for us in future seasons.

Featured Dead Girl – June 2014

Our Featured Dead Girl for June 2014 is Miki Malicious!

Name: Miki Malicious
Teams: Lovely Lethals and Public Enemies
Number: HANG10
Position(s): Blocker, Jammer
Seasons with Dead Girl Derby: 1

How did you discover Dead Girl Derby?
“A flyer saying ‘are you derby strong’ caught my eye at my local music and video store. Went to the very first orientation and bought my derby skate kit from B&D that night.”

Explain the origin of your derby name.
“My grandmother. She played roller derby in high school and then went pro. Her nickname is Miki and I wanted to pay homage to her. Funny part is, I didn’t know she was a derby girl until after I joined DGD. I guess you can say roller derby runs in my family. Then, Malicious just clicked, because it’s the opposite of my persona.”

Who inspires you on the track?
“I’d like to add ‘encouraging,’ ‘supportive,’ and ‘constructive.’ Red Ripper, Crash AnialIateHer, Foxxi Brown, Mel Breakdown, Striking Dervish, Pippi Strongblocking, Lunatic Lola, ChocaZilla, Joey Lethal, and Leroy Jenkins. Of course, last but not least, my husband, my son, and my grandmother Cora ‘Miki’ Richie.”

How has roller derby changed your life?
“I fell in love with roller derby the very first day. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, it got inside my heart, resulting in more strength in mind, my health in all aspects, has never been better. Roller derby is exactly what I was missing in my life.”

What is it about roller derby that brings out the best in Miki Malicious?
“Definitely have to say more confidence, patience, self control, dedication, and strive. But seeing the proud look on my son’s face is priceless. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my husband and son for their support by letting me use them as practice dummies for hitting, blocking, hip checks, etc. I love you guys!”

Of Zombies and Coeds

This Sunday evening is the penultimate match-up between Dead Girl Derby‘s Zombie league rivals, Black Plague and Gang Green, as well as coed league teams, The Untouchables and the Public Enemies.

Click for the Facebook event page.

Doors at B&D Skate Center open at 5:00 Sunday evening, but we’d recommend getting there early, as the place tends to fill up. Adult tickets are $10, kids ages 6-12 are $5, and rugrats 5 and under are admitted free of charge.

The Black Plague have fared pretty well for themselves this season against a capable Gang Green team that just hasn’t quite been able to keep pace — so far. We’ve heard some rumblings this week about some players who might be sitting out this weekend, as well as other players from the house teams possibly filling some spots on the Gang Green side who don’t normally play there, so it could get interesting. If the rumors are true, it will only make Sunday’s games more exciting and evenly-matched, which is a definite plus for fans. In other words… you never want to miss these ladies in action, but definitely not this weekend. We will see you Sunday evening at B&D! First whistle is at 5:30 sharp!