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Sunday, Derby Sunday

Roller derby fans in Kansas City are sometimes treated to the kind of phenomenon we’re faced with this weekend: two of the most amazing leagues in this town had the audacity to schedule bouts on the same night without consulting us. I know, what were they thinking? Fortunately for you, KC Derby Digest is here to do absolutely nothing about it. We certainly can’t help you decide — because if we can’t, then you’re on your own.

Derby problems.

But one thing we are good for is letting you in on where you can find all the amazing derby action, and well, we’re frankly good at that. So let’s get to it.


Click for the event page.
Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Roller Warriors.

It’s been a few years since the Arch Rival Roller Girls of St. Louis paid a visit to Kansas City, and this Sunday afternoon, they’ll be stopping by Winnwood Skate Center for another taste of what these Kansas City Roller Warriors are all about. Doors open at 2:00, and the games begin at 3:00 with Plan B taking on the Arch Rival B Team in the first contest. Adult tickets are $16 and kids are $8. Rugrats 3 and under are always free. Click that photo up there for full event information.

Dead Girl Derby’s Zombie/Coed Leagues

One of the coolest things going in the world of Kansas City roller derby these days is the formation of Dead Girl Derby‘s Coed League. We’ve spent quite a bit of time recently talking up this innovative branch of one of Kansas City’s premiere leagues, and this Sunday night, at B&D Skate Center, you’ll get your chance to see them in action alongside the Zombie League in another double-header guaranteed to blow the roof off the place.

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Photo courtesy of Dead Girl Derby.

We’re unclear at this point who plays first, but it really makes no difference, because you won’t want to miss either one. Doors open at 5:00 and the first bout begins at 5:30. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for kids ages 6-12, and no charge for kids ages 5 and under.

B&D Skate Center is located at 13903 S Noland Ct in Independence. Join us for some of the best up-and-coming talent Kansas City has to offer, as well as some of the biggest names to ever take the flat track in this town. We will see you this weekend for Derby Sunday!

Landlocked Lace-Up

Even though we’d originally intended to attend this weekend’s South Central Region Tournament in Lincoln, Nebraska — affectionately named the Landlocked Lace-Up — life happened (in a good way) and we are instead watching at home via live streaming on

You can too, if you’re not able to make the trip to Lincoln, and you can also create your own bracket predictions for the tournament at, not to be confused with the streaming link above.

And now, a quick peek at our bracket for the weekend. You can (and will almost certainly have to) click to view the full-size version:

The three teams we’ve selected for the Championship tournament next month in Atlanta are the Texas Rollergirls, the Kansas City Roller Warriors, and Houston Roller Derby. Yes, we’re aware that those are the top three seeds this weekend and therefore the most obvious choices. However, given what we know about the South Central Region this year, and certainly taking into account how last year’s Show-Me Der-B-Q went, that is how our bracket panned out. While our love for KCRW knows absolutely no bounds, we do believe Texas is going to take first, and you may notice we’ve got our beloved Omaha Rollergirls taking 7th in the tournament this weekend, a far cry from their winless 10th place outing last Fall.

Best of luck to both the Wolfpack and the ladies of ORG. Stay tuned to for all the action this weekend!

KCRW vs. Naptown photos

Take a peek! We’ve posted photos from the recent bout featuring the Kansas City Roller Warriors All Stars and the Naptown Rollergirls!

Click to see the full album.

Big thanks, as always, to the ladies of KCRW for doing what they do so well. Without you, we’d have to find other things to spend our time and money on, and that way leads to a whole lotta trouble.


There is much derby action to be had in Kansas City this weekend, fans!

Tomorrow night, the Kansas City Roller Warriors All Stars, ranked second on the South Central division as of press time, take the track against the Naptown Rollergirls of Indianapolis, ranked third in the North Central division.

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I think the first half of the game will be a shootout, but the second half will see the Wolfpack pull away relatively early before running off with it altogether. It’s not going to be a good weekend for Indy, I’m afraid.

On Sunday, the Kansas City Banked Beauties are back on the banked track to take on… the Naptown Rollergirls?!

Click for tickets.

This phenomenal bout takes place at Z Sports 1, located at 707 Doc Henry Road in Greenwood, MO. Doors open at 12:00 noon and the games begin at 1:00. Don’t miss this chance to see your Banked Beauties in action!

KCRW vs. Mid Iowa Rollers

Apologies for the week-long delay, derby fans, but we have posted photos from Sunday’s Kansas City Roller Warriors All-Stars vs. Mid Iowa Rollers game:

Click any bad-ass to view the full album.

Right now they’re only posted to Facebook, but we will soon have them uploaded to our new Smugmug site, which is still under construction at the moment.

Once again, it was a phenomenal game, it was fantastic to see the ladies from Mid Iowa again, and profuse thank-yous to the Kansas City Roller Warriors for inviting KC Derby Digest to be a part of the closed event.

The Mid Iowa Rollers

Our site stats tell us that today we’ve had a small rush of visits from the Des Moines/West Des Moines and Newton, Iowa areas. This, no doubt, is due to the plethora of amazing ladies I met at yesterday’s closed bout between the Kansas City Roller Warriors All-Stars and the Mid Iowa Rollers at Winnwood Skate Center. It was a fantastic, hard-fought, emotional bout that saw a very close halftime score before the Wolfpack widened the gap later on, eventually winning 212-96.

Many of the Mid Iowa ladies saw KC Derby Digest taking photos of the bout and inquired as to when and where pictures would be posted. I was, of course, more than happy to pass out business cards, which then led to the increase in site traffic this morning and afternoon. After all, two amazing teams slugging it out on the flat track will certainly give birth to some good game photos, right?

“Holy crap, I’m covered in awesome.”

We hope to have bout photos up no later than this week sometime — we still have one set from Dead Girl Derby to finish first — but we will certainly keep you posted, so to speak.

In the meantime, you can like us on Facebook, you can follow us on Twitter, and you can even subscribe to the site and be notified via e-mail when new posts are up; just click the “Sign Me Up” button off to the right under “Subscribe to KCDD,” and you’re all set.

Big thanks again to the Kansas City Roller Warriors All-Stars for inviting KC Derby Digest out to the closed event, and thanks to the Mid Iowa Rollers for such a great bout.