Featured Skater — April 2022

KC Derby Digest’s Featured Skater for the month of April is Triple Threat of The Royal Pains!

Name: Triple Threat
Teams: The Royal Pains, The Untouchables
Number: 2-13
Positions: jammer, blocker, pivot
Seasons with FCRD: 3

How did you originally come to be involved with Fountain City?

“I was at a family night open skate at Landmark skate center, where Devil Doll and Frisky Business were there working on skills. So I, an outgoing 16-year-old, started talking to them. That then led to them inviting me to a private Lovely Lethals practice, and I was hooked from there!”

Tell us the origin of your derby name.

“I was sitting with my grandma one day talking about derby, and I had mentioned that I hadn’t thought of a name yet. I told her that I didn’t really know what I wanted to be called. I had a small list at the time, but I didn’t love any of them. Somehow she came up with Triple Threat. It was not until later that I understood that it had another meaning in derby.”

Roller derby changes every life it touches. How has it changed yours?

“We play for fun, but in return, it gives us so much more than we could ever think of—leadership, sportsmanship, and even how to react when you lose a game. Everybody says that failure is more important than success. I’ve learned that whenever I face failure, it just lights a fire inside me to improve and do better next time.”

What sets you apart in roller derby?

“I would have to say my willingness to help and teach others! Some people will say it’s my arrogance that sets me apart, but really I just get very competitive. In the end, I am really just here to have fun. Winning is just a bonus.”

What makes Triple Threat tick? What keeps you going in this crazy love we call roller derby?

“What keeps me going is trying to help my team and league-mates not give up and show them that, while sometimes the work is hard, it’s not as hard when you have a friend to help get you through it.”

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