The Capital City Crushers

Derby fans, do we have some news for you!

This coming season, in 2020, we will be joining the Capital City Crushers of Topeka for all their home bouts and events!

We’ll be shooting and reporting on their games (schedule and weather permitting), just like we do for KCRW and Fountain City, and we’ll be including them in Featured Skater articles, our monthly player profiles that get you, the derby fan, up close and personal with some of the best players in the area.

Capital City will be announcing their 2020 schedule soon, and we’ll let you know the moment they do.


You might be thinking, wait. Isn’t this “KC” Derby Digest? Topeka isn’t exactly KC, is it?

Well, neither is St. Joseph, Atchison, or Kirksville, but that didn’t stop us from covering the action when the Blacksnake Rollergirls, the Missouri River Rollers, or the NEMO ViQueens took the track, did it?

And that’s another thing — we’re going to be branching out in the coming seasons. New year, new decade, new KC Derby Digest, am I right? We’re going to be bringing you more flat track action, covering more events, and hopefully even traveling and covering some tournaments in the region, whenever possible.

The roller derby leagues in Kansas City and beyond continue to up their respective games, and we’d be doing them (and you, the fans) a disservice if we didn’t do the same. So buckle up — as we head into our ninth season covering The Greatest Sport in the World, things are only getting better. We hope you’ll join us.

3 thoughts on “The Capital City Crushers”

  1. That’s awesome! Please consider the Salina Sirens as well, and our annual War of the Wheels Tournament every Summer!

    1. Wesley, we joined you for War of the Wheels back in August and it was one of our best experiences to date! As the seasons go on, we’ll be broadening our horizons and hopefully covering more and more leagues, to the extent that time and resources allow. :)

  2. How do we get this sweet deal again!? I mean… 2022 season is almost over… But it would be amazing to have you locked in for 2023! Lemme know! Your photos are amazing!

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