Featured Skater – April 2016

Our Featured Skater for the month of April is Bitter Sweets
of Fountain City Roller Derby!

Name: Bitter Sweets
Team: Black Plague
Number: </3
Position: Blocker
Seasons with FCRD: 2

How did you first discover Fountain City, and what made you decide to join the league?
“My co-worker’s wife, Poison Evie, was part of the league. He convinced me to go to the first game of the season, and I ended up going to every game that season and purchasing my skates in a few months.”

Tell us the origin of your derby name.
“I originally was reffing under the name Moriartease — a play off of Moriarty from Sherlock, but it was really long and most people didn’t understand it. Once I started skating for a team, I changed my name to Bitter Sweets. A lot of people tell me I’m too sweet to play derby, but they just haven’t seen the bitter side yet.”

Who are your derby idols? Who inspires you on the track?
“I admire so many skaters. I admire Striking Dervish for her teaching abilities and her knowledge! I admire Mojo Gogo. She is always there to lend an ear, give advice, and help you through the hard times. Most of all I am inspired by the skaters that never give up — the ones that are striving to pass minimum skills, the ones still giving 100% at practice even if they are struggling hardcore. I admire my Wolf Pack and my teammates on Zombie League.

You’re one of the only skaters in Kansas City with an award created in her honor. Tell us how that happened.
“My first year as a skater was really rough. I had never really been on skates before. Although I couldn’t pass my minimum skills all year, I continued to push through it. I went to every practice I could, I took up reffing to get more time on skates, and didn’t let my time on the struggle bus interrupt my dreams. At the end of the entire year, I finally passed all of my skills so I could play. My friends at Fountain City awarded me with the Never Say Die Award for tenacity and hard work. I never felt so happy and loved.”

Roller derby changes lives. How has it changed yours?
“I’m slightly a homebody. I had lived in the area for a few years, but never really had any friends. FCRD took me into their family. I’ve met so many people from different walks of life, made many friends, and I’m a bit more outgoing now. I’ve also never been the athletic type, so exercising regularly was not in my schedule at all. Now I’m hooked on derby several times a week, and I feel happier and healthier!”

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