Featured Skater – February 2015

Our Featured Skater for the month of February is the legendary
Bruz Her of the Kansas City Roller Warriors!

Name: Bruz Her
Teams: The Victory Vixens, KCRW All-Stars
Number: 24
Position(s): Blocker, Pivot, occasional Jammer
Seasons with KCRW: 10

How did you discover the Kansas City Roller Warriors, and what has kept you going for so long?
“A friend/co-worker of mine pestered and prodded me to go watch a KCRW practice. I finally agreed and we attended a Sunday morning practice in November of 2005. We then skated in our first practice the following Tuesday. I was immediately hooked and have been skating since. What’s kept me going is how much fun it is and the enjoyment I get out of playing and working together with my team, my family.”

Explain the origin of your derby name.
“My derby name came from something the original KCRW coach, Coach Death, said to me at a league fundraiser. It was around the time I first started and we were talking. He told me I was going to be a ‘bruiser.’ I liked the way that sounded so I changed it around a little and came up with Bruz-Her and I’ve been Bruz-Her ever since.”

Who inspires you on the track?
“I know this might sound lame, but I’m inspired by everyone who has the guts to put skates and gear on and play this crazy, fun, competitive, hard-hitting, intense sport.”

How has roller derby changed your life?
“Roller derby has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. From the people I’ve met and have become friends with to meeting my wife, Rachel, aka Track Rat. Without derby I don’t think I would have had this much fun in life the past 10 years.”

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