On Coaching the Shotgun Sheilas

“Pride is the feeling I feel when I think about my team and their hard work and dedication. I ask every one of my girls to give me 110% every time they put on skates, and in return, I give them 110% of everything I have. ‘Shelia Strong’ became a motto for the 2013 Shotgun Shelias. We came out of the 2012 season as undefeated league champions feeling extremely confident and strong; hell, who wouldn’t, with Pippi Strongblocking and the amazing lineup we had returning? We worked hard in the off season and picked up some great new girls to add to our strong lineup.

The 2013 season brought about adversities that no one could plan for. But as a team, together we worked through the adversities, taking on each and every challenge with our heads held high. I love this sport, I love this league, and I love my team. I am proud of my girls and proud to be their coach.”

— Coach Wyatt, 2013 Shotgun Sheilas

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