Featured Roller Warrior – July 2013

Our featured Roller Warrior for the month of July is Sy Kadelik Tripper of the Knockouts!

Name: Sy Kadelik Tripper
Team: Knockouts
Number: 81
Position(s): Blocker
Seasons with KCRW: 5

How she discovered KCRW:
I was talking with a friend about wanting to find something that kept me competitive and allowed my crazy side a chance to come out and play. She said, ‘Girl, you need to go see roller derby.’ I went and was hooked.

Origin of her derby name:
I have always been told that I am a ‘trip,’ so I wanted to find a way to keep that in my skate name. Sy Kadelik just seemed to fit.

Past injuries:
Broken ankle (snapped it like a twig) my first year of derby.

Favorite skater:
Murphy’s Law was a constant supporter and encourager to me throughout all of my KCRW years, always helped me to keep my head up and play the game.

Proudest derby moment:
The 2013 Rink of Fire. My whole team played aggressive, tough, and with all their hearts. I left that game with the utmost respect and love for all of my teammates.

What sets her apart in KCRW:
I would say my personality. Like it or not, I sometimes come across too strong (OK, all the time), but I love derby. I have met some incredible ladies with the derby passion and sometimes I just have to show my happiness by talking (a lot), hugging, and loving on my teammates.

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