Featured Dead Girl – April 2013

Our featured Dead Girl for the month of April is Dixie Danger!

Name: Dixie Danger
Team: The Royal Pains
Number: 10
Position(s): Blocker, Jammer
Seasons with Dead Girl Derby: 4

How she discovered Dead Girl Derby:
“I had heard about roller derby and done some Googling to see if there were any leagues in KC. I emailed a couple and hadn’t heard back when Colin Mayhem posted on Facebook that he was going to be the announcer for DGD. I told him that I had to go and he should talk to whomever necessary to make sure I could come.”

Origin of her derby name:
“Believe it or not, my day job is not bedazzling. I work for a marketing company doing publicity and promotions for movies. When our office was working on Whip It, my coworker told me that my name, if I ever were to be a derby girl, should be Dixie Danger. I laughed and said sure thing. A few months later, while skating around the rink for the first time, someone asked me my name; I didn’t hesitate when I answered.”

Past injuries:
“Knock on wood, nothing. My knees creak, but after all the falling I did my first season, that’s expected.”

Favorite skater:
“I don’t think I could ever answer this. Seeing so many people come in without the ability to skate and then watch them jam or knock me down, it’s incredible. I am lucky to skate with such amazing people and to learn from them. The talent in the KC community alone is mind-blowing. And then you add in everyone from other leagues across the county — forget it. There are too many extraordinary skaters!”

Proudest derby moment:
“Skating against my sister, Crash AnniliateHer, last night. It was difficult not to start cheering every time she laid a hit (since she is on the Lovely Lethals). And when I took off as jammer, I looked over my shoulder because I knew she would be right on me, chasing me down. She used to go skating at B&D every Friday when we were younger and I was always so jealous, because I never got to go. Now it’s fun to be the one teaching her things and then watch her lay a hit or take off as jammer.”

What sets her apart in Dead Girl Derby:
“It used to be my bedazzled panties that I made for every game. I say a lot of inappropriate things at very inopportune times. Sometimes I just don’t know when to be quiet But it’s usually funny.”

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