Love Hurts: To Hale With It

Derby fans, the season has officially begun, and we here at KC Derby Digest couldn’t be happier about it, for cryin’ out loud. This past Saturday night, Dead Girl Derby kicked off Season 4 at Hale Arena and nearly brought the house down with three memorable, fist-pounding games that began with a throwback of Black Plague vs. Gang Green; the Shotgun Sheilas scored their first win of the season over the formidable Lovely Lethals 113-67; and the Royal Pains took out the Deadly Sirens in a ball-breaker, 55-45.

As always, KC Derby Digest was there to document the insanity, and we have, for your perusal, 200 photos of the madness that gripped the newly-christened Hale Arena in what we hope is the beginning of a very long and fruitful partnership. Congratulations to all Dead Girls for giving the fans exactly what they showed up to see. If Love Hurts: To Hale With It was any indication, 2013 could wind up being the best season yet for this incredible league.

Click for the full album.

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