Landlocked Lace-Up

Even though we’d originally intended to attend this weekend’s South Central Region Tournament in Lincoln, Nebraska — affectionately named the Landlocked Lace-Up — life happened (in a good way) and we are instead watching at home via live streaming on

You can too, if you’re not able to make the trip to Lincoln, and you can also create your own bracket predictions for the tournament at, not to be confused with the streaming link above.

And now, a quick peek at our bracket for the weekend. You can (and will almost certainly have to) click to view the full-size version:

The three teams we’ve selected for the Championship tournament next month in Atlanta are the Texas Rollergirls, the Kansas City Roller Warriors, and Houston Roller Derby. Yes, we’re aware that those are the top three seeds this weekend and therefore the most obvious choices. However, given what we know about the South Central Region this year, and certainly taking into account how last year’s Show-Me Der-B-Q went, that is how our bracket panned out. While our love for KCRW knows absolutely no bounds, we do believe Texas is going to take first, and you may notice we’ve got our beloved Omaha Rollergirls taking 7th in the tournament this weekend, a far cry from their winless 10th place outing last Fall.

Best of luck to both the Wolfpack and the ladies of ORG. Stay tuned to for all the action this weekend!

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