Featured Dead Girl – August 2012

Our featured Dead Girl for the month of August is Kody Kayoss!

Name: Kody Kayoss
Team: The Royal Pains
Number: 11:11
Position(s): Jammer, Blocker

How she discovered Dead Girl Derby:
Imma B. Sneaky invited me to a game last season and I was hooked!

Origin of her derby name:
My name is Kody Kaye and I wanted to cause KAYOSS! But stay tuned, because I am changing my name next season!

Favorite derby moment:
The first time I lined up for a jam! My heart was going to jump out of my chest, or i was going to pee my pants!

Favorite skater:
In [the movies], Smashley Simpson in the movie Whip It. In real life, Dir-T Diana.

Derby philosophy:
My philosophy is to stay out of the penalty box!

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