The Mid Iowa Rollers

Our site stats tell us that today we’ve had a small rush of visits from the Des Moines/West Des Moines and Newton, Iowa areas. This, no doubt, is due to the plethora of amazing ladies I met at yesterday’s closed bout between the Kansas City Roller Warriors All-Stars and the Mid Iowa Rollers at Winnwood Skate Center. It was a fantastic, hard-fought, emotional bout that saw a very close halftime score before the Wolfpack widened the gap later on, eventually winning 212-96.

Many of the Mid Iowa ladies saw KC Derby Digest taking photos of the bout and inquired as to when and where pictures would be posted. I was, of course, more than happy to pass out business cards, which then led to the increase in site traffic this morning and afternoon. After all, two amazing teams slugging it out on the flat track will certainly give birth to some good game photos, right?

“Holy crap, I’m covered in awesome.”

We hope to have bout photos up no later than this week sometime — we still have one set from Dead Girl Derby to finish first — but we will certainly keep you posted, so to speak.

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Big thanks again to the Kansas City Roller Warriors All-Stars for inviting KC Derby Digest out to the closed event, and thanks to the Mid Iowa Rollers for such a great bout.

2 thoughts on “The Mid Iowa Rollers”

  1. It was a great bout and great to meet you!! Thanks. . Pleasant Hill PunisHER, Mid Iowa Rollers

    1. It was very nice to meet you, PHP. :) Look forward to see you all again when you’re in town.

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