The 2012 Victory Vixens

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Returning Players:

Captain: Bella Fire
Co-Captain: Evolution

Annie Maul (returning from All Star only status)
Assaulty Olive
Bad Omen
Black Ice
Cold Gin
Graphic Violence
Lolli Crusher
Loose Seal
Red Ripper
Ruth Canal
Shirley Gonnahitya
Track Rat

* * *

First and foremost, I’ve heard absolutely nothing on the status of Track Rat‘s knee, which took something of a beating last month in Denver, but I am thrilled to see her on the roster for 2012. Nuff said about that. I don’t want to imagine a track without the rat.

The incomparable Evolution takes over as co-captain for 2012, and as you’ll see later today, from a national perspective, it was vital that we keep this defensive terror on eight wheels where she belongs. Now if she can just keep her evolving ass out of the box, we’ll be in good shape.

I was, of course, happy to see personal favorites Black Ice, Red Ripper, and Ruth Canal back in the lineup for 2012; a promising tweet from Ruth the other day leads me to believe her knee is back in shape, and I certainly hope that’s the case, because we have definitely missed seeing her out there. I expect Black Ice in particular to see more action this coming season, as her skills as a jammer become even more formidable as time goes on.

Also? Really happy to have Annie Maul back.


Casey Masterpiece (formerly Case Closed, transfer from the Dreadnought Dorothys)
Ivanna Bereave (transfer from Topeka)

* * *

Can I tell you how thrilled I am to see 2011’s Case Closed become 2012’s Casey Masterpiece and a Vixen to top it off! Thrilled. The Vixens add this versatile jammer to their already intimidating lineup, and most exciting of all, the 2012 Rink of Fire Championship is definitely up for grabs now (more about the Dorothy’s many changes a bit later). This new Vixens team stands the best chance yet of dropping the house on the wicked witches who have hogged the house cup six years in a row. It’s going to be a very interesting season.

Casey Masterpiece contacted KC Derby Digest this morning to offer a bit of insight behind the team change:

“My motivations for wanting to be re-entered in the draft was just to try something new. I love the Dorothys and my heart will always be ruby red. The decision to switch had nothing to do with them and I did not leave the Dorothys because of any ill will. In other WFTDA leagues, people switch teams all the time. At KCRW, we develop such a tight bond with the identity of our home teams that it is never considered. … You become closest with the members of your home teams and it’s nice to experience that with more girls, and also I think it’s a great thing for the league and fans to experience such a change.”
Casey Masterpiece via e-mail


Maus Trap (rookie)

* * *

I’ve already read a few things on Facebook that have made me curious about the famous Maus Trap, but we will shelve all speculation until the season begins. One rookie on a roster like this also makes me very hopeful for the coming season.


Missile Toes
Crystal Brawl
Headless Highness
Lunatic Fringe
Quarter #er

* * *

I was sorry to see the awesomely-named Missile Toes leaving the roster, particularly after seeing her in Des Moines last summer against their Derby Dames. Headless Highness and Lunatic Fringe, in particular, were Vixen mainstays as well. Best wishes to all of this year’s retirees.

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