Send Colin Mayhem to the World Cup of Roller Derby

Troy Olsen is better known to the world of Kansas City roller derby as Colin Mayhem, one of the voices of Dead Girl Derby for the last three years. At the behest of a league ref, he applied to be an announcer for the upcoming World Cup of Roller Derby taking place December 1-4 in Toronto, Canada.

Well, he was accepted… but somehow, out in the foggy reaches of the vast Internet ether, the notification e-mail did not reach him. Details are fuzzy, but he just received word of his selection earlier in the week, and now he’s scrambling to raise the dough to finance the trip with less than three weeks to go.

Yeah, unfortunately…

The good news is, you can help. Yeah you, Mr. Wall Street.

Mr. Mayhem has set up a donation page on, which means it couldn’t be easier to CLICK HERE TO DONATE. Just follow that link, and together, we can send Colin Mayhem to the World Cup of Roller Derby and along with him, much derby love from Kansas City.

Team USA will be competing against 12 other countries for the World Cup including Argentina, New Zealand, Finland, Germany, Ireland, and Sweden. It’s a very exciting time in the world of roller derby, so please don’t hesitate to CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

And pass it on, Kansas City!

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